Loukisha Preyear, Ed.D., is the CEO/President of P.A.S.T. She is a proud native of the Magnolia State (Mississippi). Dr. Preyear has been successful in providing Conflict Resolution Consulting since 2005. She focused on eradicating workplace bullying and building a respectful workplace environment. Dr. Preyear is also interested in the impact leadership style has on workplace performance and culture, and has been researching the impact leadership style has on work performance and academic achievement since 2010. She conducted a study related to leadership and school performance and published work entitled, A Qualitative Multi-site Case Study: Examining Principals' Leadership Styles and School Performance.

Dr. Preyear’s passion in life is to promote peace and civility in the world. Dr. Preyear has over 20 years of federal government experience working as a Human Resources Specialist, Equal Employment Opportunity Counselor, Equal Employment Opportunity Investigator, Mediator, and Program Coordinator. Dr. Preyear is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force (USAF), and adopted USAF core values in her daily activities: Integrity first; Service before self; and Excellence in all we do. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Behavioral Science through Metropolitan State College of Denver in Denver, CO, Master of Science in Business Administration through Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs, CO, and Doctorate in Education Leadership, with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instructions through the University of Phoenix.  Dr. Preyear implements storytelling, humor, self-assessments, and experiential activities to the training sessions, which promote a positive learning experience.