Monsters in the Office: How to Communicate Effectively with Different Personality Styles

Do you remember as a child, you were fearful to sleep in your own room for the fear of the monster under your bed? As an adult, you're experiencing the same anxiety going into the office and working with people you consider are little monsters. You can overcome the anxiety by learning how to communicate effectively. This workshop is an introduction to effective communication techniques for different personality and behavior styles. Topics include effective communication, personality and behavior styles, behavior styles in conflict, and conflict resolution. Through interactive exercises and case studies, students gain an understanding of how their communication style affects others.


Workshop Objective: 

1. Learn effective communication techniques based on your behavioral/personality style

2. Recognize your preferred personality and behavior styles.

3. Analyze the impact conflict has on the workplace.

4. Learn how to diagnose situations in order to use the best style.

5. Develop skills to resolve conflict.

6. Design a personal plan for improvement and advancement in communication skills.


Workshop Modules

Module One: Effective Communication Techniques
Module Two: Identify your Behavioral and Personality Styles
Module Three: Behavior Styles in Conflict
Module Four: Conflict Resolution
Module Five: Personal Plan for Advancement

One-Day Workshop Full of Fun and Excitement!!!

Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm