P.A.S.T. Training
  • Employee
    ​ Development

    P.A.S.T. Training offers onsite and virtual workforce development training workshops. 
  • Conflict Resolution Training

    We will partner with you to improve workplace culture, increase employee engagement, morale, and productivity.

Increase Productivity

Whether it's personality assessments, soft skills training, or one-on-one coaching, our company strives to achieve results that exceed our client's expectations through our commitment to motivate and engage. Let us assist you by maximizing your most valuable asset: Your Staff.

Professional Development Mentorship/Coaching Service

When you take the time to develop a solid relationship with the coaching profession, professional development coaching can help you meet the goals that you have for yourself. It is the coach’s objective to motivate you and hold you accountable for achieving your goals. From an outside standpoint, a coach may see areas of concern that you are unable to discern. In that sense, the process raises your awareness of a different way to handle professional situations.