P.A.S.T. Training

A Few Words About Who We Are

 Established in 2016, P.A.S.T. Training provides expertise in Professional Development and Conflict Resolution Training, Mediation, and Coaching services for managers, supervisors, and staff. Our team offers instructor-led training (in-person or online) workshops. Our priority is providing you with exceptional customer service while improving your workplace culture, increasing employee engagement, morale, and productivity. 
Our highly experienced staff of training and coaching professionals have worked successfully with more than 10,000 employees. We take pride in earning a reputation for our ability to engage, motivate, and inspire staff in reaching their full potentials.

What We Do

Develop and Customize Training

Our trainers are skilled professionals of varying backgrounds, who have experience working with personnel at all levels of the workforce.  P.A.S.T. use a variety of tools and strategies to enhance teamwork and support individuals in reaching their full potentials.

Workforce Development Coaching/Mentoring

·  Assess clients in identifying personal goals and developing leadership skills.

·  Help client access and leverage the viable advantage of individual and team talent and leadership abilities.

·  Assess clients in understanding their behavior style. By recognizing your behavior style, you maximize performance and achievement. 

Etiquette Consultant

Our etiquette consultant services provide individuals with the skills they need to be successful in both their professional and personal lives. Our consultant will be able to guide clients in the appropriate way to conduct themselves with courtesy. Our consultant is experienced in instructing both adults and children in the principles of proper etiquette.

Administer Assessments and Surveys

·  Distributor for Everything DiSC® Assessments 

·  Assess Organizational Effectiveness